12 comments on “Sunday Serenade

  1. The Prippy Handbook

    I love these kids! Wrote about them a few months ago after discovering their version of “Fireflies,” which was amazing!

    It’s great to see a school that still focuses on the arts… and I think the power of arts education can been seen all over these children’s faces.

  2. amy

    I adore the PS22 chorus, but it’s really hard to find recordings of their work, other than on Youtube. Wish they were on iTunes…
    One of my favorites of theirs is “Carbon” by Tori Amos. It’s heaven.

  3. Erin

    This is EXCELLENT! And I am excited from your comments that there are more songs by this chorus out there! WOnderful!

  4. kelly ann

    oh i’ve seen this! it’s amazing! and YES, arts programs/classes need SO much support right now, it breaks my heart to hear about schools getting rid of arts and music due to budget issues – so sad!

  5. Betty Baker

    Tha animation and the voices of these beautiful children makes my heart swell, absolutely wonderful to behold, thanks for including it on your blog.

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