Bunny Williams’ new book!


I don’t know about you, but I’m positively ecstatic over the upcoming release of Bunny Williams next book, Scrapbook for Living.  It will be released on November 1st, but is available now for pre-order.  According to the publisher, “Williams takes the reader through several homes room by room, showing creative ways to organize and add personal touches.”  If anyone knows how to make a house a home it’s Bunny!

8 comments on “Bunny Williams’ new book!

  1. polosandpeonies

    I worked for Abrams for many years – am trying to see if I can get an advance copy!

  2. Kirby

    hmmm… I will have to check this out. My best friend and her hubby-to-be just purchased a house, this would make a wonderful house warming gift. don’t you think?!

  3. Susan R.

    Thanks so much for introducing me to Bunny Williams–this book looks so inspiring. It’s available for pre-order at amazon too.

  4. BB Wooten

    I love Bunny! I have sweet memories of afternoons visiting my former neighbor, sipping her crazy herbal teas, and flipping through all her Bunny Williams’ books in her office. I think I’ll always associate Bunny with dandelion tea and lounging by the window!

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