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I always love how “high fashion” the lookbooks for the J.Crew Collection are and this season was no disappointment.  The catalog styling is always charming to be sure, but the editorial edge of the Collection Lookbooks practically merit a spread in American Vogue.  Above, a few of my favorites from the 2010 Summer Lookbook.

P.S. Remember the Holiday Collection Lookbook?  Swoon.

10 comments on “The Collection Lookbook

  1. Tabitha

    I love that model, she’s gorgeous. I’d love to see the first top ( the chiffon one) in an IRL pic, somebody please buy it!

  2. Kirby

    I’m drooling as I write this. There must be something in the water over at J.Crew! It keeps getting better and better!

  3. Sandy

    are you kidding me?? these are all from j.crew?? they are soo fabulous! i love that tank top and clutch in the first pic as well as the jacket in the second pic and the shoes in the third pic and the bag in the fourth pic! haha i guess i just want it all!!

  4. Jasmine

    i wish i had a j.crew stylist living in my closet with an infinite selection of clothes, shoes, & accessories. birthday idea!

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