Rita Konig’s English Oasis



I just knew you ladies would LOVE these shots of Rita Konig’s Manhattan apartment.  You know I’m a big fan.  Her updated bedroom is truly heaven on earth—the wallpaper, the headboard, the window treatments!  I can’t wait to find a place in San Francisco and decorate it to the nines!  I hope John’s down with floral…

(via NY Mag)

25 comments on “Rita Konig’s English Oasis

  1. Brooke

    I am so in love with this! Thank you for sharing such inspiration. Her living room is fantastic!


  2. Kelly Anne

    I loved her comments in the interview so much I had to blog about it right away! And I’m so glad she’s still got those fantastic heart sheets on her bed. They are my bedlinen inspiration.

  3. Shannon

    Love, love Rita Konig. I love reading her post for T Magazine blog when she shares how she changes up her rooms…so many great tips and ideas.

  4. Tabitha

    I always love her apartments, I was drooling around her mums’ shop, Nina Campbell In London yesterday, they both have such great style.

  5. Piper

    I’ve been such a fan of hers since the domino days (sigh!). She is so great at creating that effortless chic…I have no idea how she does it! Her place is so charming and liveable…love it!

  6. Rachel

    Her bedroom is total English country beautiful!!! I love the floral, and how she kept everything else pretty neutral. And those balloon shades are to die for. Really.

    Thanks for sharing. And you know, if John’s not down with all that floral, there are always guest rooms to decorate… ;-)

  7. Brandi

    Do you think she’d rent it to me for a weekend? It’s definitely a real getaway space. And I love how bright and airy it is — what part of NYC is that?

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