Traveling Sculpture



These sculptures of luxury luggage by Libby Black certainly are eye-catching.  Though the multitude of labels irk me a bit I can’t help but be drawn to the trunks lovely shapes and colors.  Love a statement.

9 comments on “Traveling Sculpture

  1. kirby

    Luggage is great. luggage like this is like a dream of going on an adventure somewhere exotic and different.


  2. Brandi

    These are all so much fun. It would be all that much better if I could store fun things in them. Or taken them on an exotic vacation…

  3. Lauren

    I too am irked by labels, but there is something so chic about luggage. I will be on a plane in T-minus 8 hours and though it would be far more convenient to my carry-ons in a duffle, I instead am traveling with a vintage Samsonite. We shall see if I regret this decision or not!

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