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  1. c'est moi

    Just saw those in Elle Decor I think – LOVE them too!! They would make a great pillow project, come to think of it!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    C’est Moi — Were they in Elle Decor? I must have missed them. I found them in an old copy of Vogue. Clearly they have many fans ; ) Ohh and they do have pillows—very affordable too!

    Elizabeth — I hear you! Not a fan of matchy matchy either. xox

  3. Kate

    Oh those are too precious! You could always do some kind of universal registry to pick up things like this! :) Love them – a lot!

  4. Meagan

    I keep finding the most wonderful objects for the home in the most random of places. Why can’t we just have an internet registry for any store in the world?! These would be so much fun to use at a dinner party!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — Does such a thing exist? I need to find out!

    Meagan — I’m certain such a thing must exist, I’m on the hunt.

    C’est Moi — SO many cute options! Thank you for sending this!!!! xo

  6. Shannon

    If you can’t figure out how to register for something, just drop hints on your blog! I had a couple of items I really liked but didn’t know how to register for, and people were really sweet and purchased it for us just based on my mentioning it on my blog.

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Shannon — How thoughtful your friends are! John always buys gifts for me based on blog posts, they never disappoint!

    Bailey — Precisely! xo

  8. Kate

    You could just make an amazon wishlist as your registry, I think you can add things from non-amazon sites! Or Wists is another site that does that.

    I’m loving these napkins, I wonder if they’re big enough to buy a couple and make pillows out of them? Hmmm, crafty ideas…!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Meagan — I just started one, it’s so easy! I’m going to have WAY too much fun with this…

    Kate — Roberta actually has really affordable pillows ready-made in these prints! Gorgeous right?! xo

  10. Piper

    Oh I LOVE these, just gorgeous!! And I love throwing patterns and colors together – makes it so much more fun doesn’t it? Oh and there’s this site called My Registry (http://www.myregistry.com/) where you can create your own lists from any stores!! It looks like so much fun to do :)! If only I could get married again!

  11. Taryn

    Hi Katie! Recently become obsessed with your blog. Already contacted Elva Fields about custom necklaces for my bridesmaids! And I thought I’d let you know that you can register for all sorts of fun things if you create a registry on http://www.myregistry.com. It’s so easy and you can scout lovely things from all over the web :)

  12. Katie Armour Post author

    Taryn — I found this site this morning! What a genius idea! Have already signed up and am adding all sorts of goodies! So touched you enjoy the blog and LOVE that you’re using Elva Fields. Emily is one of the sweetest women on earth! XX katie

  13. Kirby

    I’m on the same page. I have a napkin addiction right now too. except I want to print my own napkins. I did it for my paris themed engagement party and they turned out great! I definetly want some fun napkins in my home.

  14. Sarah@goingstarfishing


    we did a registry through myregistry.com which lets you add anything from any website… pretty awesome! it puts up a thumbnail, you add in the price/description, qty and when a guest clicks it shoots them directly to the site where they can order. a little chunky to set up, but WELL worth it when you have eclectic taste and want to support smaller shops/artists!

    can’t wait for more wedding details!!
    i am dying to see what you invites look like!

  15. Katie Armour Post author

    Sarah — I’m using it! So obsessed. Definitely shopping around at all my favorite little shops for goodies to add. Roberta Freymann here I come!! XX

  16. lacqueredlife

    I have been a fan for years … the girls in the shop in NYC know me by name! I have done a few posts about them … I have even used the napkins as hand towels in a powder room! (the placemats are fab too)

  17. Sandy

    These napkins are sooo fun and beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the different prints! And the price ain’t too bad either!!

  18. Brandi

    Oooh, these are perfect for the summer party I’m helping to plan. I’m in charge of the dessert table. Believe me, it’s going to be really stylish. And VERY delicious.

  19. Design Darling

    i just saw that patricia spratt table linens are on sale today at one king’s lane and immediately remembered your post. they are so pretty and the price is great — $19 for 4 napkins!

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