7 comments on “Linda & Harriet’s new look…

  1. say.la vie

    Agreed!! Pretty papers are wonderful. I love sending out note cards and using other such fun papers weekly. Email is great…but, not the same as getting something in the mail!

  2. hip hip gin gin

    These new designs are so cute! Love the little measuring cup and mixing bowls pattern. Makes me want to start the recipe exchange my girlfriends and I used to do again. We did over email the first go around, but wouldn’t it be lovely to get one of these cards in the mail with a new recipe to try?

  3. Brandi

    Katie, I love these! I can’t wait until they’re for sale. I’m definitely going to have to stack up on a few.

  4. Kirby

    these came just in time! I used almost all my current stationary to send out thank you’s from our engagement party, so I need to re-stock!


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