Statement Pieces




These three Iradj necklaces available through Sue Fisher King in San Francisco absolutely blew me away.  Don’t they look more like sculptures than something you would wear around your neck?  What fun jewelry designers must have—forget clay, these people sculpt with diamonds!

14 comments on “Statement Pieces

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Glad you ladies found these as fantastic as I do! I’ve never seen anything quite like them which I just love. Emily—so right about a very simple garment. You wouldn’t want to even try to compete with these stunners : )

  2. Keely

    Wow! Statement pieces indeed! They are so beautifully crafted. I love the third one! I can just imagine it with jeans a white t-shirt, some simple heels… it would stand out and be the perfect dressed up daytime outfit!

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