Lucy Takes a Ride







My adorable cousin Lucy is an undergrad at Harvard (I know, if only we were all so bright…) and wrote on the blog yesterday about having bought the darling bicycle dress at top from Anthropologie.  Of course my imagination ran away with me and this is now how I now picture Miss Lucy riding about campus.  Isn’t she cute???  Love you cuz!

(Bicycle Dress, Breezy Ride Cardigan, Stiped Bow Flats, Eco-Art Drawing Set, Brown Handbag, Fabulous Vintage Inspired Bike)

16 comments on “Lucy Takes a Ride

  1. Staley Mc

    Anthropologie has been really into the transportation themed dresses this season and I love it. The airplane dress is one of my favorites too!

  2. Elizabeth

    I just graduated from Harvard undergrad last year and I can sooo see that dress rolling through the Yard. Makes me miss it!

  3. Brandi

    How perfect for Lucy at Harvard! I might steal those shoes though. A few days ago, I imagined myself as no longer a student for a moment. The thought made me shutter. I’ll stick to school, for as long as I can.

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