The Missoni Home


I simply can’t stop drooling over all the Missoni Home goodies on Safari Living.  I would give my right arm for the throw at bottom!  When I lived in Switzerland there was a Missoni outlet 20 minutes away by train and I treated myself to a huge, coloful beach towel.  It’s in storage somewhere in California and I can’t wait to dig it out this summer.  Beach chic here I come!

12 comments on “The Missoni Home

  1. Nichole

    Awww Foxtown! Was that the best mall ever, or what? I have a wonderful Missoni neck scarf from Foxtown that you have totally inspired me to put on… if I wasn’t going to be wearing a sweatshirt to school :(

  2. Lindsay

    a missoni outlet?! is it at fox town?! i have to go!!!
    (of course, there are stores here in town that sell missoni, as you know, and i drool over the window displays whenever we are waiting for a take-away from dona juarras, but i am afraid to enter- hehe)

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Nichole — The memories! I bought a Valentino bag too remember? Lord knows where that ended up. Probably on the pub floor…hahaha xxx

    Lindsay — Yes, Fox Town! You must go, I wonder if the Missoni store is still there. They had the CUTEST bikinis too! My towel was like $60 and they retail for $300+ in the states. Such bargain and it’s massive (you could fit three of us on it)! Go and report back! xoxo

  4. Lindsay

    Amazing! I posted about this gooorgeous Artek chair covered in Missoni fabric the other day. I will never tire of those zig zags! xx

  5. Jenny

    I love Missoni stuff! I went to the Missoni outlet at Woodbury Commons in NY when I lived there, but didn’t get anything (the sweater I liked wasn’t in my size) :o) Someday….

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