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These three shots of Hervé Pierre’s New York apartment could easily pass as Paris.  The creative director of Carolina Herrera grew up in France and feels as though he returns there at the end of each day.  His canopy bed is covered in 92 yards of fabric from Beckenstein (a gift from Hererra)—don’t you just love the blue gingham?  Meanwhile his china is an exact replica of an 18th-century pattern and the macaroons are from the legendary Ladurée.  Last but not least, the 18th-century style frame was constructed by Pierre over the course of two years using cardboard and paper.  Now that, my dears, is dedication!

(via New York Magazine)

18 comments on “Paris Via New York

  1. Lindsay

    that frame is AMAZING!!!! and i am obsessed with blue gingham- i would never have thought to use it for bedding.
    finally, is there a laduree in nyc? i never knew!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Lindsay — I think they’re probably from Paris, though I’m not quite sure how that works…? I’ve never heard of a Laduree in New York, if there is I’m so sad to have missed it! xx

  3. herve pierre

    dear Katie ,
    i am Herve Pierre and thank you so much for putting my story in your blog !! i am very touched and really happy .
    it was fun to read the comments ,, loved them ( so far !!)
    for Laduree , as it seams to be a very important part of the comments , i must say that the day of the shoot , a friend of mine just arrived from Paris and gave me the Laduree macarrons , it took the first flight from Paris and was able to bring them ! so it was by chnace that i got these the day that Wendy Goodman did the story on my flat ,,, unfortunately we cannot find them in New York ,,, Bergdorf Goodman ,,, do something about that !! voila !! best regards and thank you again !
    the 92 yards ( you dont see on the pic the curtains !! thats why ! ) best , Herve Pierre

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Monsieur Pierre,
    My goodness! We’ve been graced by the artist himself! I’m so touched you stopped by and took the time to comment. How I wish my friends flew from Paris carrying Laduree—you are a very lucky man indeed. Best of luck to you and Carolina—your beautiful clothes never fail to leave me weak in the knees!
    With great admiration,

  5. herve pierre

    dear Katie ,
    i would be delighted meeting you ,
    we open resort on june 8th at the office , lets see each other afterwards , i shall show you the office , !! a little tour on 7thAvenue !! not as glamorous as Madison !!
    you must have my email address through your blog ,
    dont worry if it goes on the spam file i shall catch you up !!!
    thank you so so much for your comments .
    best regards , herve Pierre

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Dearest Hervé,
    You are too kind! I would be delighted to meet you and see where the magic happens. I will email you today. Best of luck with the resort collection—between you and Carolina I have no doubt it will be exquisite!

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