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Last night to unwind from the packing stress I took a long, hot bath and lit my favorite Diptyque candle, Baies.  I used to work just down the lane from the Diptyque boutique in San Francisco and have been hooked on their home fragrances ever since.  I am so pleased to find you can now order both the standard and mini sized candles on their website.  This could be dangerous!

Do you have a favorite scent or candle for your home?  Do tell!

20 comments on “Parisian Scents

  1. brittany barney

    oh the voluspa is amazing. my favorite is the pink color, cant remember what the flavor is. hey random question, do you already have your wedding dress? i have two you would love!

  2. The Prippy Handbook

    I love any amazing smelling candle, but fell in LOVE with a little boutique’s signature scent candle in the West Village – The Grove. It was orange blossom, jasmine, and rum and smelled exactly like Florida at that perfect moment!

    Sadly the store is no more… but I still have one candle left. Sigh.

    Good luck with everything! I completely know that overwhelmed feeling and my best advice is that the feeling is completely temporary. And at some point very soon, things will feel like normal life again… and you’ll miss the crazy anticipation (and stress!) of a big move.

  3. Lena

    I love Tocca’s Agadir candle; its pipe tobacco-scented is edged with enough creamy sweetness to avoid smelling like a man cave, but it’s not so feminine that John leaves the room. In fact, he lights it more often than I do!

  4. Jennie

    Gotta have:

    Niven Morgan lavender mint
    Diptyque Cypres and Feu de Bois and Cypres
    Tocca Cleopatra

  5. Andrea

    Diptyche’s Feu de Bois is great in winter and fig or Philosykos in summer.
    I’m also totally addicted to Banana Republic’s Sunday Brunch, the perfect mix of roasted coffee beans and vanilla.
    Another recent find are organic candles by NEOM in the UK. I’m trying out several scent combinations and they are all delicious.

    Hope packing up your life isn’t too stressful!

  6. Jill

    On Tuesday night, Moe and I went to the opening party for 16W21, the building Moe’s firm built and Zac Posen decorated. (Amazing, by the way!) Anyway, Zac had these candles everywhere, and we thought of you! Baies seemed to be his favorite, too. So delicious.

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