Bloglovin’ Addict

Okay so I know I’m way behind on the times, but I just set up a Bloglovin’ account yesterday and am completely addicted!  Up until now I was going to each of my favorite blogs individually and this just made my life SO much easier.  If you haven’t yet tried it perhaps the cute video above will succeed in luring you in.  Oh and if you want to make my day, you can always follow your pal The Neo-Trad by clicking HERE. xx katie

22 comments on “Bloglovin’ Addict

  1. dancing branflake

    Okay. I will look into it- I’ve been intrigued for a while but I am horrible at change!

    Also, don’t feel bad about being behind. I just figured out how you know how many posts you’ve done.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Dancing Branflake — You made me laugh. It’s okay. I just started using my Twitter this month, I’m behind on everything! Do check out Bloglovin’ though, I think you’ll love it as much as I do! xx

  3. Marija

    I am such a bloglovin fan that I am sure my friends/readers/family think I am somehow compensated for talking about it so much! Best advice I can give: set up ‘groups’. I have one for people on my blogroll (because I tend to see those without going to bloglovin), one for cooking, one for design, one for lifestyle, one for blogs I pop in on daily, weekly, etc. I did this because I skipped a few days only to see I had 100s of unread posts which was totally overwhelming!

    Have fun. And you’ve been in my bloglovin forever!

  4. Kate

    I love bloglovin but I really haven’t gotten myself using it just yet – maybe I will now!

    Oh and Be merry, Kate is on there too!


  5. emily posts

    Katie, BEWARE! It only leads to lovin’ more blogs :) I speak from experience! Is it better than google reader? I love my google reader iPhone app, I don’t know how I’d get all mine read without it!

  6. kirby

    come on girl! you are SO behind the times! haha

    I’m going to add you right now. I’m on bloglovin’ too so you best get on that!

    I hope the packing is going well. have a great day!


  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Marija — Setting up groups now!

    Kirby — Adding you now. I need to set aside an hour to add everyone I read each day, this is so fun! XX

  8. Jane

    you convinced me! i created a sign-in and password (does that mean i have an account??). not good at these things.
    XOXOX, jane

  9. Paloma {LaDolceVita}

    I tried this last night and my blog was already on there, which seemed strange. Can readers add your blog? Anyway, I will definitely follow you on there. I have abandoned Google Reader and this seems like a nice alternative.

  10. Jenny

    Ooooh, I’ll have to check it out – I’m a Google Reader person, but if this works better (and it’s cuter) then why not! Thanks!

  11. Andree

    Yay! I just found it too the other day — but thanks for reminding me to check in! I too use Google Reader to follow blogs, but I find Bloglovin has inspired me to find new sites.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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