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The latest Louis Vuitton campaign was shot in Africa and stars young model Dree Hemingway (yes, Ernest’s great-granddaughter).  I’ve always wanted to go on a safari and these images make for one luxurious daydream.  Leave it to Louis…  Have you ever been on a safari?  What was it like…?

(photographs by Carter Smith, via RDuJour)

22 comments on “Hemingway on Safari

  1. Modern Traditionalist

    Ah, you have no idea how serendipitous it is that you’ve posted these this morning. Working on a “side” project involving the need for glamorous travel photos!! Thank you!


  2. Stevi

    Those are fantastic! So dreamy. I’ve always wanted to go on safari, but have not done so yet. Until then I just watch Out of Africa every so often.

  3. Jane

    That cat cub is too cute for words* I safaried in south africa my last semester at Franklin – you must go some day! it’s a world away from anything I had ever seen. LOVE these shots – much more glamorous than my safari. XOX, Jane

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    MT — Be sure to check out RDuJour for all the photos then! They truly are spectacular.

    Elizabeth — I would die! Maybe I’m too much of a baby to go on a safari!!

    Jane — Not fair. Why did I leave again??? Sigh.

  5. Elle

    I love these images…. that baby lion soo cute… and Dree is gorgeous… how is it that she has such great heritage and she’s stunningly beautiful… all those great genes in one bloodline…. just doesn’t seem fare!

    Hope you’re making good progress with the moving plans!

    I’m amazed at how many posts you come up with each day… how on earth do you manage to find such great content so often?

  6. hip hip gin gin

    Gorgeous photos, I want to cuddle that baby lion!! I lived in South Africa for a while but never got to go on actual safari. Hopefully someday I’ll get to go back and make a safari a part of the visit. It truly is one of the most gorgeous places on earth!!

  7. Ashleigh

    I just want to squeeze that baby!!

    Hubby & I were just talking about a safari on Sunday. We have 2 friends that recently moved back to South Africa. Definitely going on our travel with list!

  8. Lindsay

    So in love with this campaign. An African safari is on my bucket list. Maybe for my future honeymoon? I think it’d be completely romantic! xx

  9. Design Darling

    an african safari is on my bucket list too! how could you not want to go — elephants and adorable little lions like the one in the first photo means it’s a must for me!

  10. Joanna

    Dree is achingly beautifulm especially in such a glam photo spread. And that lineage! I really need to incorporate more Hemingway into my life…..

  11. Elizabeth Rose

    The whole family went to South Africa for a little time in Cape Town and then on a safari. We absolutely loved it! The wineries, the ocean, Table Mountain, the people, the animals, it was all incredible. I’d go back in a heart beat! I particularly love sunsets and there is something about an African sunset…

  12. Shannon

    I’ve been reading a biography of the Queen Mother, and the chapter about her safari in Africa almost convinced me I need to start saving money for a trip there. And now these pictures have definitely sealed the deal!

  13. Brandi

    I would like a little lion. Just maybe for a day. These photos are gorgeous — they so make me want to go on safari in Africa. I’ll just have to remember to bring lots of sunscreen (and if I had LV luggage, I think I’d leave it at home for that trip).

  14. Modeana

    Kim and Sean just got back from Nairobi and South Africa (where Sean was raised) and I’ve been drooling over their safari photos.
    Made me revisit Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa…. I must say that Hemingway’s images are not nearly as charmingly elegant as your photos Kate!

  15. KOs

    Wow! That’s the first time I’ve seen her where she looked like her mother. Beautiful shot.

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