Why I heart Jane…


Above is reason 1,001 why I adore my friend Jane Lilly Warren.  It’s a collage of her “future summer cottage.”  I mean really, could she possibly be any cuter/more talented/fabulous?  In case you’re new, Jane is a graphic designer in Manhattan and we went to school together in Switzerland.  She was also my former-Yugoslavia travel companion and we drank a lot of mai tais together at the hotel bar in Dubrovnik and shopped for carpets in Sarajevo, and wound up with a grand piano in our suite in Belgrade.  Anyway, if you don’t already read her blog, Lox Papers, you really must.  I heart you Miss Warren.

P.S. Fun fact: In the Wes Anderson film, The Darjeeling Limited, the suitcases have her initials!  I’m so jealous.

17 comments on “Why I heart Jane…

  1. dancing branflake

    Eek! I comment too much but I couldn’t help but admire this one. I love everything! Makes me wish I knew her. She sounds fabulous. Hopping over to her blog right now!

  2. Natalie

    This collage is completely lush! I’ve already printed it and pinned it up on my mini office bulletin board (I suppose it’s the non-blogger’s way to re-post… I hope both you and Jane approve!). Lots of future summer cottage day dreams today! XO

  3. Marija

    As a croatian girl who adores dubrovnik…i am jealous! If you didn’t already, the next time you go back, you must go to Split. And any one of the amazing islands! Jane seems adorable! Will absolutely check out her blog :)

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Marija — We spent a night in Split as well! How I love Croatia. The Dalmatian coast is some of the most beautiful coastline in all the world! XX

  5. Kirby

    I’m not a stalker, but when I’m bopping around the city I sometimes wonder if i’ll bump into her on the street.

    Jane, if you read this, that would be AWESOME!


  6. Jane

    Kate, reason 1,001 why i heart you! let’s escape somewhere fabulous with john and scott and alfie and zelda and live the lush ex-pat lifestyle and raise adorable kids who speak five languages. just a thought. XOXOX, Jane

    ps. so touched that you printed this little collage, Natalie. Definitely approve! xx

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Jane — YES!!! That would be AMAZING. I miss you. Oh and you need to meet Natalie. She’s my D.C. Neo-Trad friend. You two would love each other.

  8. Piper

    How funny…I just left a comment this morning on Jane’s site because this is seriously one of my fave collages that she’s done!!! It’s so perfect, I want it at a print :)!!

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