Gilded Goodness




I keep stumbling across these adorable gilded blocks and couldn’t resist sharing the love.  Created by the girls of Cabin 7, the keepsake blocks are vintage alphabet blocks that have been been carefully gilded by hand.  You can buy them in sets that spell out words such as “baby” or “cheers” or build a custom set spelling out your name or favorite word.  Wouldn’t they be a charming vintage touch on your desk or a nursery shelf?  What would you spell out?

16 comments on “Gilded Goodness

  1. Jane

    AMAZING! I think I need like 5 sets, so I can write out all sorts of things like magnetic poetry. I like Heather’s idea too!
    xx, jane

  2. Jenny

    These are great! Someone’s last name, your last name, initials, baby – the possibilities are endless :o)

  3. Kate

    I would definitely love this for a nursery – on top of a dresser or on a shelf. So sweet. I’ve never been a big fan of putting the baby’s name all over the place (or in big letters painted on the wall), but this would be a sweet addition. Okay, I need to stop thinking of nurseries or I’ll get all baby crazy!


  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Kirby — You’re going to start rumors! Shush! : )

    Jenny — Ohhh “ARMOUR” would be fun for John and me!

    Kate — Uh oh, baby fever : )

  5. Piper

    Ooh, I like Jane’s idea to have different words you could pair together! These would make such a great gift for a baby shower or even wedding shower with the bride & groom’s initials. love these! (especially the blue ones :)

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Rei — Aww, thanks! Welcome!

    Piper — Ohh the initials would be darling as well. I think I must add some to our registry : ) XX

  7. chelsea

    What a great idea, those are beautiful… and can I just say I think it’s so refreshing and sweet that you comment back to your readers- not many do that and it makes for some really fun reading:)

  8. hip hip gin gin

    These are lovely!! I think I would need a whole set so I can spell out different words for different days. Maybe a little motivational word for my desk each day. Today it would spell “believe”.

  9. Brandi

    These are beautiful. I’d spell out a child’s name, and then put them on a high shelf for fear that the kid would eat off all the gold…

  10. Estefania

    Aaaaww, I had a set of wooden blocks with the ABC when I was a kid. I don’t know where they are =(

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