Paris Via New York, Part Deux





Remember the fantastic Parisian-inspired apartment of Hervé Pierre I posted about earlier this week?  Well my darlings, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across these images from House & Garden back in 2002 of the very same apartment!  The moment I saw the bed with its ostrich plumes I died and went to French heaven.  The place is brimming with Monsieur Pierre’s creative touches from the panels flanking the sofa (he painted them himself!) to the stunning, whimsical tarot card castle (yet another one of Pierre’s masterpieces—isn’t it magical?).

A bit of exciting news—I’ve been invited by the man himself to visit the Carolina Herrera studio and see where the magic happens!  I’m so excited I fear I may faint!  Thank you Monsieur Pierre, you are magnificent!

“I’ve worn an Hermes scarf since I was 15! Even in bed.” -Hervé Pierre

(images via moodboard)

20 comments on “Paris Via New York, Part Deux

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Thank you Christina and Mackenzie! I’ll keep you posted! It’s the perfect excuse to visit all my girlfriends in Manhattan for a long weekend. Can’t wait! XX

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Kirby — Can you even imagine working there someday? SWOON! You never know, chin up! They make the most beautiful, romantic, feminine gowns in all the world. XX

  3. Kirby

    Awee… you are too kind.

    Life would be complete, that is for sure. I think I’ll send them a follow up email right now ;)

  4. Emma Kisstina

    I must just say that I also can not wait to hear all about your visit…with photographic evidence as well. Good Lord how gorgeous! I love love love hat boxes. xoxo

  5. La Feem

    This is one of the greatest posts ever, the rooms are beyond stunning, the castle is unbelievable and the story is amazing, congratulations!

  6. herve pierre

    hello ! i was wondering how was your move ??
    i loved the picture in the little car ! so chic !!
    i remember madame Carven in Paris ( she is the oldest designer in haute couture !! 101 years old !! ) she had the same car in Paris with a driver in a uniform !!
    i drove with the both of them once !! it was fantastic !
    hope you are well in your new home !
    we should take a appointment soon to come to the office after June 7th ! XO
    herve Pierre

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Herve! How I love your stories—I can imagine you as a young man riding with Madame Carven in her beautiful car! I will email you with updates. Think I’m planning a trip to Manhattan in September. Not soon enough, but would love to see you! xx Katie

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