Real Gems

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I’m currently loving these colorful rings by Pradman Jewelry.  Each is hand made of sterling silver with a 24K vermeil coating.  I just adore their organic shape and am torn between the blue topaz and smoky quartz!  Did I mention they’re under $40?  Hard to beat!

17 comments on “Real Gems

  1. Jill

    Oh my gosh, I am crazy about these! Good find. There’s a green onyx one on the Etsy page that I’m in love with. I think it could satisfy my craving for an emerald ring for awhile…

  2. ashley

    what a STEAL! I love the seafoam one, but they are all gorgeous! I love simple rings like these! maybe you need both! ;)

  3. Kate

    I love the blue topaz – it would make a sweet, simple something blue! And I’m with Jill – I’ve been wanting an emerald for a while and these look perfect! I may have to get one myself!


  4. Quindome

    See, there you go… I don’t even like gold, but these are so cute, I’m thinking of who I could gift them to! My two sisters would be delighted!

  5. Her name was Lola

    Can I just say that there has been so much fabulousness going on here lately, I’m having trouble keeping up with it all! Seriously, these are so pretty!


  6. Nicole Pradman

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