Neo-Trad of the Week


Name, Age, Location

Brooke Ely Danielson, 24, New York City

(Pictured above with her mother, Barbara)

My cliff-note autobiography…

Life thus far has treated me well! I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia on a farm with horses, pigs, and cows. Being the middle of five children kept things lively. Eventually I was off to New York to study Fashion Design at Parsons and intern for Vogue magazine (an experience I will forever cherish). I live to travel and have made stops around the globe including Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Russia… Everyday I wake up with a smile and remember how precious life is.  We must embrace it!

Things that make my heart flutter…

Miles Aldridge photographs, vintage books, Van Morrison (specifically Ballerina), Corfu Greece (my heaven on earth), Ander Zorn’s pencil sketches, Vogue, pink peonies in turquoise vases, Coco Chanel (she sparked my love of fashion at the age of seven. I will never forget my first encounter with Chanel—Grandmother, thank you).

My dream dinner party…

My dream dinner party is in a garden at night in upstate New York. The food is all organic as we dine on local produce. The menu includes fresh mint mojitos, garden salad with fresh tomatoes, quinoa salad and salmon, and for dessert, vegan cupcakes (whilst sipping Reisling!). The table would be long barn tables with vintage floral table cloths complete with turquoise vases filled with multi-colored peonies.  My guests would include Katie (soon-to-be) Armour, Princess Diana, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Pappy O’Daniel, Yves Saint Laurent, and the woman who taught me to love life, my grandmother, Frances Anderson (she married her college sweet heart at age 73 after having been separated during the war). We would dine by candle light and take tequila shots until last man down!

In ten years I will be…

Running my own clothing line, happily married, playing with my children! I hope to be splitting my time between the city and the country—-gardening, swimming, and teaching my little ones the important lessons my parents taught me. I would also love the opportunity to travel the world doing philanthropic work. My ideal day in ten years would include gardening, cooking, and painting with my children. We’d end the evening with dinner in the garden, sitting by a fire—-laughter until we tumble into bed!  Did I mention I will be drinking an fantastic bottle of Silver Oak while all this goes on?

I am neo-traditional because…

I love to sew, read, and have great zest for life. My first crush was Cary Grant! I am from the school of thought that you take one day at a time. Do something you love, no regrets.

Thank you Miss Brooke!  Can’t wait to see where life takes you—somewhere fabulous, no doubt! xx Katie

26 comments on “Neo-Trad of the Week

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Marija — I’ll have Brooke add you to the guest list : )

    Heather — Haha, yes, I think Brooke is the Neo-Trad’s biggest Facebook fan!

    Brooke — Love you more. Wow, we’re ridiculous. XX

  2. Lee Danielson

    Having watched Brooke grow from the onset I can only smile with pride as to what a wonderful lady she is. Her mama did a great job.

    Love forever


  3. Katie Armour Post author

    I just melted! So sweet Mr. Danielson! In case everyone hasn’t gathered this yet, Brooke has the most loving, generous family a girl could ask for. An incredible bunch with very big hearts.

    P.S. I suppose I ought to disclose that I actually know this week’s Neo-Trad personally. Brooke was my roommate freshman year of boarding school. She was a charming at fourteen as she is today! XX

  4. chelsea

    Charming is the perfect word to describe how I felt about her while reading. I too agree to live life full of zest, and go AFTER your dreams!

  5. The Buzz - Diane James Home

    I think I just found my triplet! A love of travel, Chanel, local food and peonies in turquoise vases – what a perfect Neo-Trad… and she went to boarding school like me, too! I look forawrd to this post every Friday and Brooke is delightful!

  6. Angela

    Oh my goodness, my first crush was Cary Grant too!!! I used to LOVE myself some old black and white movies as a little girl. ;)

  7. Laura Braithwaite

    Being one of the other lucky Vogue Interns that worked alongside Brooke and having the opportunity to dine with this fabulous mother and daughter pictured one evening I can honestly say that this lady is an inspiration. Beautiful, charming, creative, talented and yet so very down to earth (as is her beautiful mum)… It was a pleasure to work with her and a joy to read this piece by her.
    Brooke I look forward to buying from your clothing line one day if we are lucky enough to get it in the Uk

    Laura x

  8. Kirby

    I have to say that your neo-trad girls are inspiring me to do more and more with my life. go big or go home, do what makes me even more happy than I was before. and Brooke is no exception. a life in new york is fabulous, but throw in a vogue internship and it’s like you were invited to join a secret society that only so many people get to be in.

    oh and the fact that your grandmother married her HS sweet heart after how many years! adorable. I think I read that story somewhere and I would actually love to share it on my blog…


  9. Brooke

    Kirby, I am happy to share stories anytime!

    Katie your readers are the most gracious! My eyes are filled with happy tears.


  10. christopher von wolfferson

    Brooke is nothing short of a goddess. Brains and beauty have never had such an appropriate collision

  11. Barbara Danielson

    Brookie, It’s your mother, darling. Just spent nine hours traveling from LA to Dallas for your brother and sisters graduation. The trip should have taken 2 hours but the weather was horrific so had to land in Houston and then return to Dallas via Little Rock! Dove into my margarita at Mi Cucina and then drinks with friends….ready for bed but just wanted to say….. I love you. Happy Dreams. Love, “The Babs”

  12. Barbara Danielson

    PS Kate, Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. You know how much I love your blog! You have impeccable taste! Lots of love, Babs

  13. Whitney

    Brooke is perhaps the most amazing woman I have ever met. Although she is only 24, she has the soul, spirit and mind of a much older woman. As a recent bridesmaid in my wedding, she was there every step of the way making sure I was situated in every manner. I am so lucky to have met her and her family during my move to Los Angeles – even spent the best Easter with the Danielsons I have ever had! Now that I have gotten married and moved to Fairhope, AL we still talk almost daily! I miss being around my Brookie in person though!!

  14. Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll


    Such a cute post. Just love it. And you’ll love this (and Brooke too)…Lucy (daughter) was assigned France for her country for International Day at her school (really big deal). She dressed up like Coco Chanel. It was the cutest ever…And, when you ladies have little ones, there is the most precious children’s book called “Different like Coco”…Lucy just loves it, we have been reading it for years and years…and just keep reading it because it’s so cute. I’ll swear I bought it in New York I think. Are you settled yet? Let us know.

    Happy Travels.


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