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Today’s girl crush is on Vanessa Jackman, the woman behind these three images.  Her street style blog has long been one of my favorites.  The girls (and sometimes boys) she catches on film are all so charming in one way or another.  I can read through her archives for hours—it feels as though you’re people watching from a corner cafe in Paris.  If only…

16 comments on “Daily Girl Crush

  1. Kirby

    Awesome photos. These girls look like they were camera ready… which makes me jealous and realize that I don’t put enough effort into the way I look on a daily basis.

    Don’t you love people watching? paris is a great place to do so too.

    xo Kirby

  2. Christina

    I have really been enjoying her blog too! By the way, I got on blog lovin and I really like it. I always have so many blogs to read so this makes it simpler.

  3. Staley Mc

    I love the girl at the tops braids! I love cool braided hairstyles-makes me wish I could braid better! These images are gorgeous!

  4. Heather of The Glad Girl

    Oooh… suspect I will spend too much time today trying to fathom how to do a fabulous tousled braid (As opposed to looking as if I had slept on it for five days. In a hay field. It’s a delicate balance, you see.)

  5. hip hip gin gin

    Love the cute girl with the headband! These ladies look amazing for just being caught walking down the street. I’m sure at the very least my hair would be a windblown mess, but these girls are all perfect!

  6. Sage & Style

    Not only do I love that top red dress but those braids … GORGEOUS! I agree with Kirby … I feel a bit lackluster in my Monday efforts too!

  7. Piper

    Such awesome photos. If only I could look that way – just for one day even!! I agree with Kirby – I definitely don’t take the time that I should! (and why doesn’t my “tousled hair” look as good…mine always looks like i just rolled out of bed, not a good thing!)

  8. Debby

    I will have to check out her blog. I always love street style features, so much more interesting to see fashion on real people instead of models. That first braid is gorgeous! xo

  9. Jeanette from Everton Terrace

    I have a feeling I should avoid said blog because I might spend way too much time there. Images are lovely. Sending my daughter the link so she can mimic that braid in the first one (my hair is way to short).

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