Alfred at the Grand Canyon


For your viewing pleasure, our baby Alfred at the Grand Canyon… I’m off to show off my new pixie cut to Grandmama (got it this morning and feel like Jean Seberg in Breathless—ahhh!), but will be back tomorrow with more posts than you know what to do with.  I can’t wait to get back into my blogging routine!  Until then, giggle at Alfred.

21 comments on “Alfred at the Grand Canyon

  1. BB Wooten

    Okay, first, Alfred is too much in this picture! I can’t even stand how cute he is.

    Also, please show us your cut! I love this look and love the way it shows off a feminine neck. I think it’s so pretty and chic. What a way to mark this transition in your life!

  2. Haydee

    What?! No photos? I bet it looks so, so great on you. Wow, I’m totally impressed! That’s not an easy cut to get ’cause it’s so short. But oh so cute! Oh and Alfred of course is cute too:)

  3. Lauren

    Alfred looks like a little quite the little adventurer there at the Grand Canyon! Also, I am envious that you are able to have a pixie cut like Seberg’s. So darling and the perfect way to start the summer!

  4. Amanda

    He is so adorable! I want to see the new cut!! Don’t you just love the pixie? I’m seriously thinking of doing it again! xoxo

  5. DOTS

    we are so impressed! how do you know who to go to for such a new look when you just moved? I waffle about a change in cut and color (with people I’ve been going to for years) and then back out of it. Wasn’t it in the Coco before Chanel movie about when a woman changes her hair she’s ready to make changes in her life?

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