Cutest Kurtas






The darling Catherine Fitzsimmons (my adopted blogging big sis!) of Rikshaw Design has added women’s kurtas to her collection and I am head over heels.  They are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe—so cute from the beach to farmers market to backyard BBQ’s, don’t you think?  I’m in love!!!

9 comments on “Cutest Kurtas

  1. hip hip gin gin

    Love them, could spend all summer in these! The Taj Paisley lavender and the turquoise Tuxedo are my favorites. So pretty and they look like they would be so comfy in the heat.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Cashon — Do you know I never saw the film? I’m too much of a baby. Perhaps I can stomach reading the book though…?

    Hip Hip Gin Gin — I love the tuxedo cuts too! So flattering!

    Rikshaw — Soon! We need to get up to the bay pronto to apartment hunt. I’ll keep you posted! XX

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