13 comments on “Daily Girl Crush

  1. Joanna

    She wore that ensemble on the Oprah special! Love her. I have friends who live on her street and when I visited them last fall all I kept thinking was, “Omg, Jenna Lyons lives around here!” My fashion-oblivious boyfriend now knows who she is, which is saying a lot. Hehe.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Christy — I adore Miriam Haskell pieces too! Loved that!

    Joanna — I know, she was so cute on Oprah! You boyfriend is pretty cool! I talk about her style so much I bet my John knows who she is too : )

  3. Modern Traditionalist

    Loved the article in Elle Decor but found the silver vases to be a bit obnoxious. Why purchase an expensive vase which looks like a label-less soup can? Just use the can!


  4. kate

    sigh. how does jenna lyons always get it so right? every time i get the newest j. crew catalog, i think, “it just can’t get better than this.” and the next time around… it’s even better. what vision!

  5. chelsea

    Complete perfection. You bet I have that same shirt… now if I could just find myself some sequin pants? Yeah right… I don’t know another soul who could pull that look off. Maybe Olivia Palermo?

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