New Maira Kalman book!



A new book has been published featuring the work of artist Maira Kalman and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.  I absolutely adore her clever, beautiful work.  In fact, I’d quite like to frame those flowers at top!

In case you mised them: one of my favorite Kalman musings… and Maira in Paris

6 comments on “New Maira Kalman book!

  1. Sarah Ellen

    i seriously want that couch in the second picture! do you think it could hop out of the painting and into real life?

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Sarah Ellen — It may be tough, but I say give it a go : ) You have excellent taste in couches!

    Dancing Branflake — Yes, I do think it would be quite charming with a frame. I’d hate to damage the book though. Perhaps I need one copy to chop up and frame and another for my bookshelf : )

  3. Kate

    Ohhhh Maira Kalman. Thank you for posting this. I adore her beyond all reason.

    Thanks for your sweet message on my blog!

  4. EMILY

    I too love Maira so very much. She is in a league of her own that lady. I have every book, both children’s and adult, and one of my most treasured possesions is a framed original print of hers. Her blog on NYT was magical. My sister gifted me her newest book the night before I left for San Francisco. It came along with me on the plane in my carry-on! xo

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