Pretty Presents



I was thinking today how much I miss Michelle Adams posts over at M.A. Belle.  Aren’t these presents of hers gorgeous?  If only I were half as chic in my gift-giving!  Love the Rubie Green fabric bows, but of course : )

11 comments on “Pretty Presents

  1. michelle

    Oh my gosh YOU GUYS!! I am so shocked and FLATTERED that you all even read my blog and that you miss it!! You have seriously made my day! I felt like I was to the point with it where I was just blogging for the sake of blogging, and then Lonny came along and swept up all of my free time, so I’ve been channeling my good finds into it instead. BUT, perhaps I’ll do another post today since you are all so sweet and actually want to read what I have to say! (thank you!) Your support truly means a lot to me :)

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Michelle — You are too sweet. We know you’re busy with Lonny, no worries! It’s worth the lack of posting, trust me : ) Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. A Bunny Williams project I heard, oh my goodness! XX Katie

  3. Kirby

    I love those packages… makes me think I should put more effort into my gift wrapping. and I have loads of scrap fabric laying around so i could definetly put them to good use!

    xo Kirby

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