17 comments on “Sailor Stripes

  1. BB Wooten

    I love yellow stripes because they’re so crisp and happy, but I also love them (feel free to chuckle) because they remind me of the 1980s perfume Giorgio’s packaging, which to a seven or eight year old seemed very fancy and grown up.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Dancing Branflake — I say we make “sailorish” a word : )

    BB Wooten — Yes, I chuckled. Such fun memories.

    Gina — California is fantastic. Spending lots of time with my family and enjoying the sunshine! Thanks for asking : ) XX

  3. Piper

    OMG, we’re soooo on the same wavelength…I’ve been obsessing over this bag…it’s so perfect for summer!! Stripes and yellow?? Yep, count me in.

  4. Angela

    Oh, I have the stripe sickness… bad. I just painted my hallway in gray and white 2″ stripes and bought my fiance a gray and white striped tie. I didn’t even notice my subconscious obsession until he held the tie up to the walls.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Angela — It’s okay, I suffer from the same obsession! Your hallway sounds like Kate and Andy Spade foyer in New York. It’s one of my all time favorite apartments! XX Katie

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