13 comments on “Guatemalan Glimpse

  1. kbd

    I LOVE that top… have you been able to find it on their site? I can’t find it anywhere… and no links to it from their photo shoot (unless I’m missing something?)…

  2. Jane

    mine hasn’t come in the mail yet… going to stake it out on my lunch break. can’t wait to flip though and get excited for peru (it’s close enough). XXXO, Jane

  3. rikshaw design

    you know what’s funny to me..i loved these images b/c they were sooo editorial..but they were hard to actually shop from..ya know? the lighting was tough for me..but still gorge..

  4. Shannon

    I went to Guatemala during my honeymoon and definitely didn’t find anything as stylish as that hat in the market we went too…of course J.Crew would. How I wish Jenna Lyons was my best friend!

  5. Brandi

    Toast, Anthropologie, and JCrew…their photo locations are just too amazing. And the hat is adorable. I would love to know how to put the little finishing touches on outfits but I’m never sure what to do.

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