Etsy Addiction


I just spent the better part of my evening getting lost on Etsy (wild Saturday night, I know…) and am happy to report I found a ridiculous amount of treasures.  For now I’ll just leave you with this awesome picture.  It’s so fantastically quirky—I think I need it.  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend loves.  I have a great Sunday Serenade for you tomorrow!

15 comments on “Etsy Addiction

  1. Christy

    Do you check your Etsy Favorites obessively like I do to see if someone has beat you to the punch? : )

  2. kirby

    It’s so easy to get lost in etsy, isn’t it? We will have new stuff up this week on etsy. I’ll send you a little email so you can check it out!

    xx kirby

  3. hiyaluv

    i adore etsy! I love this typewriter. I wish I could redo my house in all vintage yet modern at the same time touches everywhere….if only i had an unlimited budget! :)

  4. michelle @ blissful musings

    You and me both! I always think I’m checking just one things and then its 25 shops later. How did the move go? Where did you end up settling in the bay area?

    We are finding our way around the city, but loving it so far.

  5. Betty Baker

    Hi Katie – would you believe that when I first started work that was exactly the typewriter I worked on for many years. Now I am giving away my age, but I was a speedy typist and when the electric typewriters came out I was in shock – then word perfect – then computers. I have come a long way baby. lol

  6. Piper

    sounds like we spent our weekends the same – i got sucked into etsy on sunday and spent hours finding cool, fun things – it’s such a time suck!! i LOVE this picture you found – so fun :)

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Betty — That is AMAZING! I’ve only seen a Remington 5 once and it’s such a beautiful machine. It’s so impressive you went from it to computers and blog-reading! You’re so hip : )

    Oh and glad I’m not the only one that spends hours getting lost on Etsy. Thank ladies : )


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