Elegant Embroidery




How lovely is this fabric by Vaughan Designs?  I’ve long been a fan of their lighting, but had no idea they did such fantastic embroideries as well!  Their textile line has the most gorgeous silk embroidered linens (some by machine, others by hand!) and the print above has to be my new favorite.  How fantastic does it look in New York’s Crosby Street Hotel?  Swoon!

8 comments on “Elegant Embroidery

  1. Jane

    What a beautiful print – love the pink, green and ivory combination* Can you even imagine doing that by hand! XOX, Jane

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Dulci — I agree, the chairs steal the show!

    Jane — I love the color combo too! This print isn’t done by hand, but they have a huge collection that are and they’re incredible. The time it must take!!

  3. Nichole

    Just looked at Vaughn’s site– how fantastic would any one of their fabrics be for my Katie Armour Home antlers?! Sigh–where is my rich husband when I need him?

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