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I think I may have to invest in some pretty vintage postage from Verde Studio to dress up my correspondence.  They have an impressive collection of charming unused stamps.  Aren’t the hot air balloons darling?  Long live snail mail!

23 comments on “Pretty Postage

  1. J.

    We used vintage stamps for our wedding invites. I wanted the stamps to match the Victorian style invitation.

    One tip I have, be sure and mail yourself an invitation as well. We had to request hand canceling because of the wax seal, but we have a wonderful keepsake that records where we lived when we got married.

    Beautiful stamp pictures.

  2. Amber

    I used an assortment of vintage stamps… 5 or 6 on each envelope… to dress up my wedding invitations and they were WONDERFUL! SO much nicer than just slapping a “Forever Stamp” on the corner. :)

  3. Meagan

    I LOVE vintage stamps! We actually just ordered vintage wannabe stamps from zazzle and I’m pretty satisfied. We have to put at least 4 44 cent stamps on our invites though – wood isn’t cheap to mail! I can’t wait to share them with everyone, but not until after our guests see them :)

  4. Lena

    Hurrah for snail maill it’s absolutely my preferred form of communication. And these stamps are divine!

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