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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the debut of Linda and Harriet’s Birthday Calender and it’s finally here!  My grandmother has a perpetual calendar from back in the day and I’ve always thought them to be the most brilliant creation.  I can’t wait to fill mine with all the special birthdays and anniversaries of my friends and family.  I’m so horrible with dates, I need it!  The fact it’s gorgeous, colorful and letterpress?  The icing on the cake!

18 comments on “Perpetually Thoughtful

  1. La Maison Fou

    I always look forward to your quotes of the day.
    They are really inspiring, what a pretty way to showcase them. Those calendars are very pretty and smart.

  2. Jane

    L-O-V-E this – I saw it at the national stationery show and it stole my heart! Can we bulk order?? XXOX

  3. Kirby

    Katie!!!! I love these! I’m a big card sender and I’ve been wanting something to keep track of all those dates. and now with friends getting married I will have even more dates to remember.

    I will be buying mine now.

    xx Kirby

  4. Brandi

    This is precisely what I need!! I’ve been trying to keep it all together on google calendar but this is so much more stylish and inspired.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Just had to add that my calendar arrived and it is even more gorgeous in person than in these photos! I’m having such fun adding all my friends’ birthdays and am going to treasure it for many years to come!

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