Wish List Addition


I’ve been drooling over home accessories more then ever lately as we hunt for an apartment in San Francisco Bay.  One of these gorgeous cotton herringbone throws available at Vivre are at the top of my wish list.  I don’t know if I could ever settle on one color though—apple green, indigo blue, coral, peacock…?

17 comments on “Wish List Addition

  1. KimberlyC

    Yes, I LOVE these too! Saw these in the latest House Beautiful magazine and was drooling too. Love Brahms Mount!

  2. Shannon

    I’ve been dreaming of them too! I even saw them at Anthropologie, and it took everything in me not to grab it.

    P.S. I went to the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibit at the V&A today thanks to your blog post a while back. So glad you pointed it out. It was fantastic!

  3. Amanda

    A color for every room is how you settle that question! :) Apartment-hunting in San Fran is SO exciting; good luck! I can’t believe the wedding is so close! xoxo

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