Glass Magic



I would love one of these Christa Kimble photographs blown-up to a custom size and framed with a clean white mat.  The lighting is lovely and the details in a larger-scale would be fantastically striking.  Besides, who doesn’t love vintage chandeliers?

10 comments on “Glass Magic

  1. hiyaluv

    swoon! these are gorgeous! where are you thinking of putting the chandelier photo in a frame? the reason i ask is because i too would like one but not sure where i would put it.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Gina — I’m thinking it would look lovely blown-up and framed with a simple clean white mat and frame over a console table or sofa. I have to wait to decide until we’re all moved in. Glad you like it too! xx

  3. Shannon

    Gorgeous, gorgeous picture. You always find the absolute best stuff. I just wish I had a house to furnish to put it all in…lucky you with your new apartment!

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