Out of Print.




I’m currently loving these literary fashion statements by Out of Print.  The clothing company works with publishers to create tees from their iconic and often out-of-print book designs.  The best part?  For every shirt sold the company donates one book to a community in need through a partnership with Books for Africa.  The tees are available in men’s and women’s styles and “each is treated to feel soft and worn like a well-read book.”  Which story would you choose my dears?

16 comments on “Out of Print.

  1. Everton Terrace

    I think it would be very hard to decide whether I would pick for the book or the graphics. I like the look of the Moby Dick tshirt and not so fond of the Streetcar graphics. Okay, I’d wear all of them – though not at one time.

  2. Lena

    What is it about F. Scott that makes women swoon? I wonder if he has the same effect on men. This Side of Paradise would also make a perfect tee.

  3. Melissa

    I love these! The graphics on Moby Dick are fantastic, but Atlas Shrugged and and Fahrenheit 451 are wonderful because they make me nostalgic for the books. So great!

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