1963 Hepburn Interview


This 1963 interview with the stunningly chic Audrey Hepburn is a breath of fresh air.   She had just returned to the States upon wrapping My Fair Lady and her humble attitude is refreshing to say the least.  If only all young women in Hollywood today had such class.  How I adore her!

18 comments on “1963 Hepburn Interview

  1. Robyn

    She is so wonderful and pleasant. I totally agree with you… I wish more people in her business were as gracious and lovely as her!

  2. Mariel

    So nice to see how she conducts herself outside of a movie set. :) She called him out! “In other words, have I ever done a picture I didn’t like for the money?” She handles all of the questions like a seasoned diplomat – doesn’t surprise me she got involved in politics later in life. Love her! My favorite.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Mariel — That part brought a HUGE smile to my face. She’s so no nonsense and wasn’t about to put up with his wanting to stir controversy. Love that. Such a lady.

  4. Joanna

    The man keeps interrupting her and it’s highly annoying. Nevertheless, Audrey remains poised, intelligent and gracious throughout. I heart her, a million times over.

  5. Elle

    My goodness he certainly had a list of things he wanted to ask her… couldn’t hardly wait for her to finish one thing before he moved on to the next.

    She is very charming… but my goodness woman stand still and quit fidgeting with your hands behind your back… what an awkward pose to take for an interview….

  6. kate

    Audrey was truly the epitome of chic, no? I admired her unwavering responses to the interviewer’s questions. And such a darling little hat!

  7. Brandi

    Audrey had such a sweet, quiet power to her. I love that every woman wanted to be her and it wasn’t because she dated every guy in Hollywood. That glamour and class these days are quite rare.

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