Oh my goodness.

Picture 4

I couldn’t resist kicking off the morning by re-posting this handsome devil spotted over on Absolutely Beautiful Things.  All I know is his name is Sam and his father is photographer Aaron Snow.  He also happens to be the cutest thing I ever did see.  The bow tie! The jacket! Those wellies!

13 comments on “Oh my goodness.

  1. Christina

    I love looking at crewcuts because there are children just as adorable as this in outfits just as adult as this. Sooo cuute. It will always make you feel better if you are having a bad day.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    I’m so glad you ladies loved this little guy as well. A Sartorialist in the making to be sure : ) Can’t wait to someday have little ones of my own—at least one boy!!! xx katie

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