Chalkboard Chic







Would someone please snatch up one of these vintage frame chalkboards so that I might live vicariously through you?  I would buy one myself, but am without measurements for our new apartment…sigh.  They’re lovely though, aren’t they?  I find the ribbon design at bottom to be particularly chic!

13 comments on “Chalkboard Chic

  1. Piper

    This is such a great idea…one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas!!! I love them. I’d even love it for the kitchen :)!!

  2. Brandi

    This, I love. Definitely find a space for one in your new place. Me? I’d stick on in the dining room and throw the menu up there when I’m having dinner parties.

    Happy weekend, Katie!

  3. Annina

    I’ve been looking for a great way to add a chalkboard to my office without it looking like a classroom, this is a great solution!!

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