29 comments on “The Fashionable Return Address

  1. Gretchen

    Katie I’m a relatively new visitor, and absolutely love your blog! Honestly: it’s lovely. I like B or E best, I would worry that after time C wouldn’t stamp as clearly as the lines aren’t as clean to start. Love the idea! Dorothy Draper would be proud!

  2. J. is a Bird

    I love this idea. I’ve bookmarked their blog.

    I used a custom printed self-adhesive style return address label that matched my wedding invitation. But once I ran out I never got around to ordering more. At least with a stamp, you would never run out, unless you moved;-)

  3. Abbie

    I love all of them… although, I’m really bad at deciding these things, so I ended up with two different stamps myself. I think I’d go with C because it’s playful. Although I really like B, too…

  4. Elizabeth Rose

    Definitely B or E. So Classic! Sometimes I’m dying to write a letter that I should just write one to myself. Reading a hand-written letter is almost as much fun as writing one.

  5. Meagan

    This is EXACTLY what I wanted for our invitations. Unfortunately we didn’t look very hard or try to get one in time. But for thank you cards….I’m so tempted….

  6. Jasmine

    i would be debating the same ones – B, C, & E…in fact, i kind of am debating the same. i’m trying to decide between handwriting my return address, stamping it, or having labels made. aaargh.

  7. Mariel

    I like C best, but would probably choose E because it’s both pretty and practical (less likely to smudge in an unreadable way, easier to read in general).

  8. Diane @ InMyOwnStyle

    Katie Armour!!! – I just love love love you and your blog. Everything you post, I hear myself saying – She must be reading my mind. It is so nice to see that others are interested in the same things I am. You find the best stuff.

    Hope the California weather is agreeing with you. My husband is watching the US Open in Pebble Beach and it looks cold and cloudy. Hope it clears up for the weekend and you can go out and ride your bike with the wicker basket to go exploring your new neighborhood.
    My best – Diane

  9. kirby

    I honestly think this is the best thing since sliced bread! really, I do! I’ve been wanting to get one for a while, I’m really only waiting until I know what our address will be for the save the dates and invites.

    you’re the best Katie!

    xx Kirby

  10. Andrea

    Great idea! I wonder if they ship to the UK because I definitely want, no – MUST HAVE – E!
    You always come across brilliant stationary ideas, thank you.

  11. Bryn

    I love seeing all the votes. I guess I won’t vote myself, but wanted to say thanks for the post about my stamps! If anyone has any questions they can feel free to contact me (bryn@paperfinger.com). I do a lot of custom stamps too with custom messages, etc.

    Thanks again, Katie! Great to know about your shop!


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