Cupcakes and Coach




Emily, the super stylish blogger behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, has designed a limited edition bag with Coach and it is one pale pink slice of heaven!  Above is her inspiration board and below, the finished project.  I can’t stop swooning over the pretty pearlized leather and glitzy gold chain.  Bravo Emily, bravo!

10 comments on “Cupcakes and Coach

  1. Helena

    so so cute, I wish they shipped to the UK!
    and did you see the outfit she is wearing today? Palm Springs! really cute!!

  2. J. is a Bird

    I have to admit, I usually don’t carry a girly bag unless it’s for evening wear. As a matter of fact right now my bag of choice is a man bag I know but practical.

    I have to admit though that I like this bag. I don’t know if I could carry off that much femininity though:-/

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    J — Oh but you could! Paired with a tom boy chic outfit it could be the perfect balance of gender-neutral goodness! I carry a canvas tote from my old local market in Connecticut half the time—no need to apologize : ) xx Katie

  4. Decor Arts Now

    HI Kate,
    Catching up on all my blogs after the Rome trip (and the unpacking–and did I mention, the laundry!) Just got a cute bag in Rome, but now want this one. I must control myself! xo Lynn
    PS: Hope the tumblr (stumblr?) blog started linking!

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