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I often have trouble finding fun bedding, but this reversible lilac crescent/gold wave pattern by Plover Organic had me at hello.  Not only are the materials 100% organic, but each piece is block printed and quilted by hand.  Did you notice the euro sham has ridiculously fun trim?  Going green has never been so chic!

12 comments on “Plover Organic

  1. Meagan

    Man, I really did have the hardest time finding new bedding for us. I settled on a duvet from West Elm, and I like it a lot as far as looks but I think both of us are beyond ‘over it’ when it comes to duvets and inserts, etc. I really love this though, really, seriously, truly.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Meagan — Duvets can be obnoxious can’t they?! I just hate when the down comforter gets bunched up at the bottom. We have a John Robshaw duvet and a quilt and have given up on using the duvet/comforter. No need for it in California anyhow! A light quilt is perfect for summer nights…

  3. Kate

    I can’t get over this place! I’m absolutely in love with all of it. I’m going to start planning for when J and I buy a house in a few years… I would LOVE one of these quilts!


  4. Joanna

    These are super girly and fun. Too bad the boyfriend would throw a fit if I incorporated these colors into the bedroom, haha. We actually just got a new West Elm duvet in gender-neutral navy that is quite nice, as well as some lovely Dwell pillow cases with cool patterns that provide some contrast. I heart bedding!

  5. Piper

    You had me at “reversible”! so fun to change it up – especially if both sides are as pretty as these are…sigh, I love this bedding!!

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