11 comments on “The Little Things

  1. Nichole

    So funny because I just was skimming this post and saw the image and thought, “what pretty rings!!” I think they could make v. cool rings…

  2. Emily

    Wow Katie! These are stunning! They are teh sweetest little knobs I have ever laid eyes on. My favsare all in the right column! Are they all from Anthropologie?

  3. Kate

    Oh I love them! Adding small touches like that can really make a room! And yes John will definitely grow to love pink poppies on his dresser. :)


  4. Emily

    I’ve found that the larger hobby stores sometimes carry some of the exact knobs that Anthropologie sells! And sometimes you can catch them on sale, like half off.
    I reeeally love the one on the site that is glass with bubbles (the pink and the olive.. they have them in door knobs too. LOVE) and there’s one that looks like a poppy bud before it opens, but they call it an urchin for reason.. aaanyway. It reminds me of Grammy’s because she used to grow poppies.

  5. kate

    Oh! The very last one—I have four of them in robins egg blue. They really cheer up the ugly white cabinets in my bathroom (it’s a rental). Money well spent!

  6. Leslie

    I took a variety of these knobs home to try on my studio cabinets. I thought I might go with all different knobs for fun but, the pink poppy just popped! I exchanged all of the rest for a bouquet of pink poppies! Fun!

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