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I am completely enchanted by this little Victorian cottage in the Catskills.  Once an old hunting cabin, the now shabby chic cottage is packed with charm yet still lacks a bathroom and kitchen.  The owners, Sandra and Todd Foster, live in a 1971 trailer across a nearby stream.  Ms. Foster renovated the 9 by 14 foot cottage on a $3,000 budget all by herself decorating with pieces from flea markets and salvage shops.  I’m swooning over the flower box and chalky white chandeliers.  She calls the place her “refuge.”  Well deserved!

(via The New York Times)

24 comments on “Victorian Dreams

  1. style maniac

    oh my … i thought this was a dollhouse when the pic came through on my Follower feed … enchanting

    p.s. i featured one of your other finds on Style Maniac today … thanks for sharing

  2. kbd

    Just read the article… so sad but so uplifting. I think Ms Foster should get a stylist job at photo shoots! Wish I had her tenacity!

  3. hiyaluv

    wow! if this is not the most heavenly of places. can you imagine having a place like this to sneak off to and read? or to take a nap with alfred?! i would love to take a nice fall nap in a cottage like this with my little polo. wow. breathtaking.

  4. Brandi

    My friend just send me the link to these photos in the NYT. It’s stunning. The only thing that made me a bit sad is her husband’s back problems keep him from spending time with her there. But it’s a perfectly romantic place.

  5. Rachel

    This little folly cottage makes my heart swell!!
    If you added a bathroom, wouldn’t it be the best little overnight or weekend retreat??

  6. Missy

    I’m swooning right with you! Just add another little cabin with bath and kitchen and I’ll be moving in!

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