Introducing rue magazine!


My always-in-the-know friend Jenna just sent me a link to this new online magazine.  I can’t wait to see the premier issue! What do you think ladies, is there room on the web for another hip, stylish shelter mag?  The fabulous Lonny sure gives them something to aspire toward!

17 comments on “Introducing rue magazine!

  1. Shannon

    I’m definitely looking forward to the premier issue. Can you imagine having another great shelter mag online? Maybe, just maybe the combination of Rue and Lonny will cure my domino heartbreak.

  2. Kate

    Oh I think there is always room! I agree with Shannon, after losing Domino, I’m constantly in need of new things! Hopefully this one is good!


  3. Ludmila {}

    I’m so sure that Rue mag will bring us something different than Lonny! Just feel it! Will be amazing to welcome it, plus the contributors are the people I consider utterly inspiring! they can’t do bad :)

  4. Emily

    So excited to hear about this! I am a long-time reader of The City Sage blog and Anne is one of Rue’s founders!

  5. Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    four of my favorite bloggers collaborating on a new online publication could not possibly be a bad thing! i am over-the-moon excited for them and can’t wait to see what they roll out come september.

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