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Sometimes I just want something lovely to look at and these ranunculus by Lucy Snowe Photography always do the trick.  In fact, I think ranunculus may just be my favorite flower.  What is your all-time favorite bloom?  Are you peony girls?  Or do you prefer english roses? Any poppy fans?

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  1. D. @ Outside Oslo

    Peonies are so delicate, feminine, and beautiful, yet strong, too, in their bounty of dainty petals. They’re among the most lovely of flowers. As for others, roses are always wonderful, whether accompanied with a special memory, an occasion, or a special thought. Hydrangeas are bursting with joy, and memories of a special grandfather. And gardenias? The scent of a bridal bouquet!

  2. Bailey@peppermintbliss

    I was always a die-hard peony lover. Still am. But lately the poppy has really been vying for first. We are planting a bunch in our new yard…ranunculus is up there too though. So sweet.

  3. J. is a Bird

    Hydrangea’s became my favorite after we used them extensively for my wedding including my bouquet. I’m also very partial to gardenia’s. They just started blooming in my garden. I gleefully cut several of them and put them in little vases all around my house.

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of ranunculus but they are very lovely. I’ll have to look for them and check them out in person. Such a beautiful soft color.

  4. Erika - 2byDesign

    Ugggh, tough call. I’ve always loved ranunculus, but had peonies in my wedding. Then again my grandmother grew the most beautiful english roses and poppies so I have a deep-rooted love there too. The horror of choosing a favorite! Can I say all? Yes, all. In the desert, I’ll take any of them that’ll survive this heat! Woot!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Susan — YES! Can’t go wrong with white and fluffy!

    D. — Now I need to remember to have my florist include a bit of gardenias in my bouquet! I love white floral scents!

    Bailey — I understand. Peonies always make my heart skip a beat, but there’s something so wild and lovely and unpretentious about poppies. Plus they’re the California state flower : )

    J — How could I have forgotten hydrangeas? I was ecstatic to find a hydrangea bush in the front yard of our new apartment. I can’t wait to move in and see it every day!

    Erika — You’re allowed to say “all.” I’ll probably change my “favorite” next week anyhow : ) You grandmother sounds lovely with a garden of english roses and poppies!

    Colleen — Great minds : )

  6. Amber

    I love star gazer lilies… not as dainty as some blooms but beautiful, unique, and their scent is entrancing. :)

  7. abbiebabble

    Oh, I love ranunculus. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them in pastel colors like this- they’re stunning. As for my favorites, ranunculus are certainly up there, but I’m currently going through an English rose phase. Pale pink, growing wild and crazy on a bush, and smelling so so wonderful-there is nothing more perfect in my book.

  8. Sarah Ellen

    I love peonies, but my all time favorite is hydrangeas. They are so fresh and I LOVE the periwinkle, cream and light green mixed together. I’m using all hydrangeas for my wedding!

  9. Emily

    These are really pretty! I’ve seen them before but didn’t know their name. I love hydrangeas and gardenias. Both were in my wedding and besides their own beauty they bring back such happy memories!

  10. Katie Armour Post author

    Amber — Googling star gazer lilies now! I love being introduced to new things!

    Hip Hip Gin Gin — Orchids, swoon! Such a classic.

    Abbie — Wild english roses, don’t you want a countryside garden brimming with them?!

    Sarah Ellen — That sounds like the prettiest of color combinations! I want to see photos!

    Emily — I love when flowers are associated with a special event like a proposal or wedding. How sweet! Lovely choices indeed. xx

  11. Katie

    I love all flowers but adore tulips and lily of the valley. I love how tulips twist and become really artistic over time. Lily of the valley is just a great sprig to have a posy of next to the bed or in a bathroom – so simple and smells amazing!

  12. Mariel

    My favorites are probably sweet peas and white orchids. :) There was a Fred Astaire movie where he gave the woman he loved white orchids to show how he truly felt. At the time, they were the flower of choice for high-class courting, so the allure kind of stuck for me!

  13. Kirby

    these are beautiful. it’s hard to say what my favorite it. I think it depends on the season and my mood. I’ve always loved hydrangias and peonies, but as I learn more about flowers i find more and more that I can’t help but love.

  14. Jen

    My great-grandma had some blue-ribbon-winning peony bushes, so they will always be my favorite. But ranunculus is easily in second place; the color choices alone are sublime! I love growing geraniums at home too. And although they aren’t technically a flower, I like succulents–I had some in my wedding bouquet and they were a fun, unexpected touch. Also, you can’t really kill them, which is always a plus for those of us with a black thumb. :]

  15. Elizabeth Rose

    Oh I’m sure you’ll have beautiful flowers Kate! Even thought they’re not in season now I adore narcissas. They smell so lovely! Bright red poppies are another favorite of mine. Then even though it’s not a flower there is just something about ivy covering a garden wall that it enchanting.

  16. Andrea

    I can never decide on a favourite, but this year I seem to be particularly fond of white lilac and peonies. I also came across an orchid farm in the middle of the English countryside recently and left with a huge bunch of white phalaenopsis (for $15!!) – BLISS! Can’t wait to start my floristry course in September and be surrounded by flowers all the time.

    Have you decided on your wedding bouquet yet?

  17. Brandi

    My favorite is still the lilac. I know it’s not the same sort of bloom as roses or poppies, but I love those simple flowers like the lilac.

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