A Foxy British Bookshop

Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road

Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road

Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road

Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road

Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road

I’ve always dreamed of owning a little independent bookshop so these images of Slightly Foxed in London made my heart skip a beat.  The bright blue and white color palette is terribly charming and just look at all those books!  The world needs more little spots of heaven like this…

(spotted on the fantastic RDuJour)

12 comments on “A Foxy British Bookshop

  1. Deanna

    Word Up! My last name is Fox – I wish I new about this last time I was in London! I love being foxy AND I love books (so much so that my husband and I have had to install built-in bookshelves in nearly every room we are renovating in our old farmhouse. Between the two of us, there were almost 2500 books!).

  2. chelsea

    You’re right, we do need more spots like this. I love nothing more than finding a small, local bookstore that packed to the gills with charm (and books;) Maybe a reason You’ve Got Mail is still my favorite movie. I just want to be her.

  3. Joanna

    Oh my goodness, this totally made my morning! Thank you! I may just have to blog about this (giving you credit, of course). Owning a little bookshop a la Kathleen Kelly (LOVE that movie) would be my dream. I’d call it The Book Nook. :-)

  4. Elle

    I am so with on dreaming of owning a little bookshop… That’s one of the reason’s why You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies… I just think it would be so pleasant to spend my days surrounded by that book smell!

    and I would want my bookstore to have a fireplace… so people could come in and sit and watch the snow fall (I guess it won’t be in Texas or San Francisco), and enjoy the fire and browse for books or buy Christmas presents!

  5. Meagan

    I love book shops and I love London. I wonder if my Anna has been to this particular book shop? I’ll bet she has. And that there’s some great story to go along with it.

    Katie – personal question here, but do you have any advice to offer about putting your ceremony together? I’m in the midst of getting a draft from my stepdad who is officiating but I’m trying to pick out a reading and I’m having a dreadful time with it! It should be easier in my opinion!!

  6. Lindsay

    This is so “You’ve Got Mail”!
    I’ll have to put this on my list of places to go in London!! Thanks for sharing :)

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