POST update!




The talented Hanna of Gadabout has added twenty new designs to her iPhone app, POST, and I’m already dreaming up all the occasions to use them!  The stylish app makes sending invites from my phone both chic and convenient—I seriously can’t get enough.  The coral is calling my name…cocktails anyone?

13 comments on “POST update!

  1. J. is a Bird

    Thanks for posting. I love my iphone apps although I have more apps for my son on my phone then anything else;-) I just bought this can’t wait to try it out.

    Have a Great Fourth of July!!

  2. Debby

    Don’t tease me! My hubby switched our iphones for droids… not liking it so far, seems harder to use! Happy Fourth!! xo

  3. Style Maniac

    For the last few days I’ve been trying to remember the name and creator of the Post iPhone app. Finally, I remembered where I first saw it–here! Thanks Katie, you always uncover the cutest finds.

  4. KRYS

    has this app been deleted? I’ve had it before and loved it … Upgraded to iPhone 6 and I cannot find it.

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