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You may remember I have a minor obsession with the sketches of Garance Dore.  I stumbled across these oldies but goodies just this weekend and nearly died of swooning.  The red lips, the red nails, the geek chic frames—what’s not to love?  Don’t you wish you could draw like this?  I sure do!  Le sigh…

17 comments on “Chic Sketch

  1. Natalie

    I’m in love with her sketches too! I have sketchbook assignments for one of my classes right now and I’ve been turning to her blog constantly for inspiration. XO!

  2. Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    i adore her blog and her illustrations! everything she does is what i’d call cheeky chic — always a little quirky but so very spot on. do you think she’d mind if i blew up a few of her sketches for my new bedroom? ;)

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Natalie — I want to see your sketches for class missy!!

    Mackenzie — Ummm I think it would be amazing if you blew one up for your place. I’m sure she’d overlook the copyright infringement : )

  4. Natalie

    Ha! I would add then of course that her sketching is more “aspirational” than “inspirational”. I do have have to send you some stuff though, give credit where credit is [over]due – your blog has been such a wellspring of ideas for me lately! XO

  5. ClaraAnne

    Her sketches always make me smile, they have such a fun vibe that also translates to her writing. Also, the women she depicts are of course, alluringly pretty and impeccably stylish!

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