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The more I see of John Galliano’s fall 2011 haute couture show for Dior the deeper I fall in love.  Inspired by the flowers of Christian Dior’s childhood garden, the collection was brimming with vibrant floral shades and shapes.  Just look at the model’s bouquet-like cellophane wrapped heads!  The show kicked off Haute Couture week in Paris and was held at my very favorite Musee Rodin.  How I envy Galliano’s endless imagination. Bravo!

(via RDuJour)

22 comments on “Welcome to the Garden

  1. J. is a Bird

    I didn’t even have to get to the bottom to know who the designer was. By the time I got to the second pic (my fav) I was already going, “This has got to be …”

    Great pics, thanks for posting.

  2. chelsea

    Those are amazing! That first one looks like it came straight off your blog (exact same color scheme:) No wonder you’re attracted to it. Now… let’s wait and see which one of these dresses ends up on the red carpet. Rachel Zoe loves Galliano… maybe Anne Hathaway in that top one?

  3. Corinna

    one of the most beautiful runways i have seen in a LONG time! my jaw dropped further and further towards the floor with each photo! wowee!

  4. Lauren


    I am truly in awe of this collection. I would love nothing more than to be able to wear any one of those pieces. The pansy (?) inspired dress is definitely my favorite. Wait… I lied. I love them all equally.

  5. Andrea

    I love this collection – I did a floral-inpsired post on it at my own blog, would love for you to check it out!

    Andrea X


  6. Piper

    I have to say I really am loving this collection…that first photo?? Too cool!! Love the colors and the flowers…makes me smile :)

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