Cutie Patooties





These outfits by ES + ES may just be the cutest thing I’ve seen all year!  I can’t get over the ruffled skirts, glittery tops and fun victorian sihouettes.  Their tagline is “confectionery apparel for your favorite little girls.” Now that is sugary sweet : )

14 comments on “Cutie Patooties

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Lydia — It’s okay. Sometimes I feel the same guilt : ) I’m sure when we have them we’ll love them for many reasons beyond their adorable wardrobes!

  2. chelsea

    Wow, I’m totally drooling right now. All of those pieces are just stunning. What a great line- and great find by you. I had never heard of them before. Now… just need to figure out which grandma I can convince that Tate NEEDS that sequined bow tee?


  3. kbd

    So cute! I like they are adorable, but not grown up. That always freaks me out… cute kids, being kids! Similar to Lydia, my major reason for considering having kids is decorating their rooms! HA!

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