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I can’t wait to someday have children so I have an excuse to splurge on toys like these seasonal paper doll wall stickers.  I would have such fun with my little Clementine (yes, a favorite name option…) putting together outfits.  The summer collection is too cute to be true—just look at her striped suit and floral swim cap!

(via Thoughtful Day)

14 comments on “Paper Dolls

  1. amy

    I just love that the back-up clothes and accessories are stored on a clothesline. Whoever made these has great taste and style!

  2. J. is a Bird

    So cute, but I have a little tomboy on my hands that would rather play with her older brother’s Buzz Lightyear doll than the Madeline doll I bought her.

    Sigh…and I had so hoped for a girly girl. Maybe she’ll surprise me one day;)

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Amy — Agreed!

    J. — How cute! I bet she’ll grow up to surprise you. Regardless, she’ll always be your little girl and you’ll love her all the same : )

  4. Melanie

    Those are precious! I loved paper dolls as a child! hopefully I will have a little girl someday who would enjoy these.

  5. Lauren

    I may have to invest in these for my niece. She’s only 7 months as of next week, but it is never to early to begin spoiling her! Also, I grew up during the 90’s when all things American Girl were quite popular and I remember spending hours playing with their paper dolls. Once a month they featured a real girl and had an image of her and one of her outfits turned into paper dolls. I probably still have a gallon sized ziploc in the basement with them.

  6. Lena

    So perfect! I loved reproductions of Victorian paper dolls when I was little, and thought they were the most beautiful things on Earth. These are just the thing for a baby of the new millennium!

  7. Jenny

    So cute, my little one would love these (well, maybe when she’s a little older, the crazed toddler in her would want to destroy them – ha!) Great find, I’m bookmarking!!!

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